5 Reasons you Need a Digital Tribe for your Brand

February 11, 2020
February 11, 2020 kwaku Abedi

5 Reasons you Need a Digital Tribe for your Brand

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Many many years ago human beings used to form close tribes and communities as a way to bond, survive harsh conditions and to fight off predators and invasions from other tribes.

Fast forward hundreds of years later and tribes continue to a be a big part of human existence and experiences and bonds.

People in the same tribe share experiences, joy sorrows etc and have a tendency to protect, love and support each other. Out of the word tribe comes “tribalism” a negative stereotype that depicts people are willing to give competitive advantages or undue favour people in their tribe.

When relating tribes and their importance to digital communities the benefits that tribes in traditional communities receive reflects the benefits of tribes in digital communities.

Therefore as an entrepreneur, building a tribe around your brand is a key and surefire way to grow the brand.

Unlike the traditional communities of old, digital communities are limitless and are available to beyond international borders. Once there’s a level of commanility that can be identified within the brand and people can identify then the brand can be successful

Why you need communities

  • For a business that have a solid community you already know that there are a group of people you can count on for your basic sales
  • Then there’s the legion of community fan members who will bring in new prospects and businesses and will direct new clientele your way. This is particularly prevalent in pop music where major global artist have strong community fanbase or fandom 
  • Communities make product ideas and testing easier and quicker
  • It helps you know and understand your audience
  • Amplify brand voice and enables brands enter places they wouldn’t otherwise been known there.
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