How I Focus After Interruption

February 7, 2020
February 7, 2020 kwaku Abedi

How I Focus After Interruption

One thing I’ve been battling with ever since I made a conscious effort to pay attention to my levels of productivity, discipline and focus is how to get back unto my grind after an interruption.

In this case an interruption means the slightest inconvenience that messes with my workflow. For example going for lunch, a phone call, a quick meeting etc. Lunch is the worst culprit as I get lazy after a heavy lunch I’m not able to do much after that.

Anytime I’m interrupted because someone wanted to ask me a question or by I phone call, “I’m like let me log on to social media real quick to find out whats going on.”

Before I can say jack! I’m all sucked in and I’m hoping from one social media channel to the other.

How I salvage this problem is in various ways.

  1. I try to do all my important tasks that require deep thinking and intense focus before lunch and schedule the meetings and the mundane tasks which does not require mental fortitude after lunch.
  2. Writing as much as possible. Making mental notes and writing down my thoughts Avoiding social media when I get interrupted and get back to work
  3. Eating a light lunch or dividing my lunch into 2 parts in order to not get too full after I’ve had lunch

Its been a tough road to regain my attention and mental fortitude but I’m gradually working on it. I have noticed that building routines and getting as much as possible work done from what I can do in my peak times have been extremely productive.

Its still a challenge for me especially the social media bits and I’m learning to control it gradually as the days go by.

So far the strategies I’ve been used have been pretty straight forward

What do you do to regain concentration after your mind has been taken off a task

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