Improve your Marketing Skills in 2020 – The Basics You Need to Know Right Now

February 5, 2020
February 5, 2020 kwaku Abedi

Improve your Marketing Skills in 2020 – The Basics You Need to Know Right Now

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The goal of this website is to help you as an entrepreneurs, consultants and small business owner to succeed. Especially in  your Marketing, Public Relations and Customer Development.

As digital media growth and we continue to have access to a world that is more connected than ever, it is important to acquire certain basic Marketing skills that will be of help to your Startups.

Skills such as Copywriting, basic visual image production and photgraphy is good for beginner stages of your marketing.


Copywriting is a skill that is extremely useful for the modern day marketer.
One mistake many entrepreneurs face is the challenge of good copywriting on their promotional material. The number of times I’ve had to mentally correct the copywriting on some  Facebook ADs are uncountable.

Yet, people have paid for the promo which are running but I doubt they will gain equal value out of it.

The ability to encode your marketing message in a persuasive and
useful form is extremely important for conveying your marketing message.

If you need help with copywriting and writing about your products in general reach out to me

Visual Content Production

You should be able to put visual content together, be it an infographic detailing product development and releases, promotional memes, basic videos etc.

There are great tools out there ranging from Canva to Piktochart and free Adobe software that can be helpful in creating content for your targeted audiences.

Play around with new and upcoming forms of social media and digital
channels. Don’t be afraid to experiment. For example, look into the rise of tiktok and create an account (make it private”) experiment with how people are creating content on that platform and assess if your brand has a place in there.

Given the power of the internet, there are many avenues to acquaint
ourselves with new skills that will help shoot our marketing to the next level.

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