Screw Marketing, Do This Instead

February 4, 2020
February 4, 2020 kwaku Abedi

Screw Marketing, Do This Instead

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Ever since Seth Godin popularized the term permission marketing, its been one of my favourite strategy to use in terms of building my personal brand and helping my clients brand grow and develop.

Yes we know Marketing is about promotion and hyping but it has to be helpful. In its helpfulness its impact is fully felt in many ways.

Imagine 2 brands existed on the social media. These 2 brands had a page on Facebook.

Brand “A” posts informative articles about how to take care of your jewelry, how to polish them. What to look out for when investing in jewelry etc. Posting commentary about celebrity jewelry on celebrity red carpets etc and responding to questions and comments. They post special offers weekly.

On the other hand we have Brand “A”s competitor which is Brand “B” that just posts images of items and prices of their products. Which of these brands will you envisage will have a higher level of engagement and will be able to build trust with the customer as the go through their buyers journey.

It definitely will be the first brand as they have shown that they care abou their clients and wants to serve them better. Unfortunately most marketing initiatives and content strategy by businesses is modeled on Brand B with no useful engagement.

When marketing comes across as genuine, not forceful and its helpful, the brand most likely stands a chance to succeed. 

So yeah!, all these insistence on technical analytics and the best time to post on social media  types of Marketing techniques are good but it takes an even better turn when appear to be helpful and look beyond profits to provide better service.

Building such a routine where prospects can vouch on your brand for quality service is a game to be played for the long haul with potentially massive future returns. Having a permissioned marketing model works for the new age of business given how congested the digital space is.

Give it a shot.

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