The 5-Year Rule for Entrepreneurship Success

February 3, 2020 kwaku Abedi

The 5-Year Rule for Entrepreneurship Success

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Over the past few months, I’ve read many blogs post, articles and books about small businesses and how they become successful. I’ve also been reading about the concept of “solopreneurship” and the time frame to be a successful solopreneur or a consultant.

In most instances the time frame that appear to be continually persistent in the articles and blog post is 5 years.

Most of these articles state that it takes 5 years for a business venture to take off.

Therefor continually growing your business and ensuring that it persist unto the 5th year puts you on the track for massive success. On the other hand, the 5th year is a time for you to look pull the plug if the business idea does not seem to work.

Learning a valuable skill such as computer programming and coding for 2 hours everyday for 3 years, we’re looking 1095 days which amounts to 2,190 hours of practice.

Two thousand hours of practice is a freaking good level of experience and expertise to make money and to be innovative in your chosen field. Some posit that it takes 10,000 hours to be a prodigy but this article focuses on an expertise that pays the bills with something left in the bank.

Therefore with the aim of starting a business in mind, be ready to be consistent and persistent with your craft as it will take sometime before you start to see the payoff and they become visible in your everyday doings that you’re in it for the long term.

Very much the way I’ve psyched my mind to understand that I’m into copywriting, podcasting and content for the long term hence until I reach my fifth year knowing that I’ve given it my all, I’m going to keep on pushing till the goal is reached.

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