Why Disciplined People Succeed

January 31, 2020
January 31, 2020 kwaku Abedi

Why Disciplined People Succeed

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There’s a close link between success and discipline which has been a point of fascination for me.

Why does it take self discipline to be successful?

Why can’t we do whatever we want and just hope success comes our way?

Why are there so many articles on the internet talking about why we need discipline and self mastery to be successful and why we should learn and copy the ways of American Navy Seals and Yogi’s in order to study the art of discipline?

These questions are rhetorical because the link between success and discipline is clear as day.

Dieting and Exercise

Starting a business

Reaching your financial goals, all theses requires discipline.

Without discipline what happens is the high possibility to quit when the slightest challenge rears it head.

Just like when I started learning to code. I was crazy about coding classes and playing various coding games till I got the fundamentals of it. Then it got to the harder challenges and became a bit intense I quit.

If I had stuck with learning how to code properly, It will have been easier for me to update certain things on my website without necessarily having to pay for updates every time.

I’ve tried many things that I eventually quit because the motivation to do them was not there anymore and I didn’t have the self discipline to keep going either.

Ever since I realized that a lack of discipline is the reason why I wasn’t hands on with my projects in the past, I have devised strategies to keep my discipline and motivation in check. Because inspiration and motivation fades away and we’re left with our discipline which keeps us going

That is why exercising and following a strict diet is hard for many people. Because it comes back to the question of being disciplined enough to follow these diets even when you’re not seeing massive changes in your body.

How I Keep My Discipline in Check

Build Routines:

Routines help days I don’t feel like it. And those days will surely come. That is when I count on my routines to keep me going. I go to the gym 4 times a week and I have made it a point to have my gym bag with me at work which urges me to work out.

Push myself to the limit

I do this by challenging myself sometimes. At the begining of this year I stated a goal of writing 300 word article every weekday. Now that I have been consistent with it, I’m looking at inching it up to 400 words.

The will to achieve self discipline and mastery is a marathon not a sprint, so even when I fall off, I give myself a little pep talk and get back on my grind.

What are you doing to keep your discipline in check?

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