Why Every Marketer Must Be an Entertainer

January 29, 2020 kwaku Abedi

Why Every Marketer Must Be an Entertainer

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Highlights of all my social media feed has to do with entertainment.

On twitter the tweets that have the highest retweets and likes have some semblance of entertainment

Likewise Facebook and Instagram

Offering featuring reality TV, Music, the Kardashians latest family drama etc.

People are looking for entertainment and that’s why social media usage increase is the on the high use.

Given people’s preferences on social media platforms and how they interact with content, the key is creating content that’s engaging and draws the attention of audiences by being entertaining. Regardless of the industry your business finds itself in, there’s an industry joke or point of entertainment to explore.

By capitalizing on current events and creating avenues for debates and discussions where it creates avenue for discussion and commentary for people to buy into the brand

The thing about entertainment is that it can be a hit or miss. When it’s a hit, it goes viral when it’s a miss, users will drag you and will never let you forget it.

Study Your audience: Every blog post I write states this in it because its true. If you understand your audience, then creating content that entertain them will be less of a headache.

Try with popular memes: There are many meme generating software and products that allow you to hook your content to the latest trending meme and create content around it. Memes like the cat confronting the woman is a great example of how you can build your story’s narrative to align with it.

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