Ditch the analytics and focus on creation.

January 28, 2020
January 28, 2020 kwaku Abedi

Ditch the analytics and focus on creation.

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Entrepreneurs reach out to me frustrated.

Why are they frustrated?

They’ve been doing social media marketing for a month or 2 and they’re not gaining any results, what it is they’re doing wrong?

How come they’re not successful?

I take a quick scan through their content and it becomes obvious.

No storytelling, no content marketing, no effort to connect, no defined target audience.

Yet these entrepreneurs desire to make record sales.

This reminds me of a video of a personal trainer who talked about his frustration with people who come to him asking why they’re not losing weight. He asks them how long have they been watching their diet and exercising and the average answer is two weeks.

 Two weeks, two months and to some extent even a year is not enough to get to the success you seek.

Being obsessed with analytics and results at that early stage of content creation can stifle creativity. Every project requires that initial baby steps to figure out what works it grows from there.

Excessive focus on analytics and results can also be addictive. What happens is that you relentlessly check your handles for results.

I recall a few months back, I changed my Instagram profile into a business page. What happened was that I became obsessed with analytics and the stats that were being provided without focusing on yield. Funny thing about that period in time was that the analytics did not matter because I wasn’t selling a product or service. Ego plays a role in marketing hence its important that you check your ego before it checks you.

The growth of digital and social media channels also leads to analytics overdose. Which means as an entrepreneur creating and promoting a product that has visibility on 5 channels, all your time will be spent on tracking analytics on these platform without inventing something new or creating cool products.

The goal here is to be in tune with your audiences and build content that suits them. The rigid focus on analytics will come later

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