Great Entrepreneurs have one key skill (Ability to sell)

January 27, 2020 kwaku Abedi

Great Entrepreneurs have one key skill (Ability to sell)

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Apple is a beloved and respected global brand. One of the outstanding Marketing and Public Relations tools for the brand are their their live events.

Steve Jobs before his demise comes on stage and introduces global audiences to Apples’ latest products and service offering. Speaking with conviction and passion and how Apple is changing the world of smart phones and personal computing. By the time his talk is over,  you’re completely sold on getting the latest Apple product.

Then rolls the memes, commentary, discussions and critique of the Apple brand online and on traditional media.

The free publicity Apple receives from product launches and live events across the globe is estimated be worth millions of dollars and then there’s the free Social Media impressions generated as a result of the live event.

Great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates etc have something in common.  They have the knack for building good businesses.  The knack for building good business comes from identifying a need and solving that need.

The ability to identify a need comes with being observant of the gaps and loopholes in an economy and they can create solutions to these problems.

Good entrepreneurs are often  good salesmen and women. The ability to sell is a skill that every wannabe entrepreneur have to develop. Often at times, I come across entrepreneurs who have cool ideas about products and services then want to release into the market to solve a need but are hesitant to go out to start selling the idea and businesses to people.

Many wannabe entrepreneurs feel like being an aggressive salesperson is “cheesy” and its similar to being a snake oil salesman which they think it’s not cool. Who will be better at communicating the benefits of your product or brand but you.

The ability to communicate the benefit of your product or brand requires sales ability. And inherent within the sales ability are the following skills you need to master.

Persuasion: The ability to convince and create a good narrative about your product is a skill that’s needed in becoming a good entrepreneur. Read Dr. Robert Cialdinis’ on Influence

Charming: to be charming means to be good at listening. Many people listen to respond, not listen to understand hence quality listening skills is a trait once developed, will endure you to prospects as a charming individual.

Pre-empt Prospects Needs: The ability to think of all possible questions a prospect might ask helps you in fine-tuning your product and making it better.

Charisma: This is the positive energy you need to make a persuasive argument. If you’re talking to a prospect looking all beaten up, no eye contact and no authority in your voice. No one will like to buy from you.

Every entrepreneur needs to develop the ability to sell and the ability to sell comes from acquiring these key skills.

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