Greatness Requires Consistency and Persistency

January 24, 2020
January 24, 2020 kwaku Abedi

Greatness Requires Consistency and Persistency


Anytime I have been consistent and persistent in my goals, success has come to me. Although this seem like a straight forward habit to have, it comes with its trials. Because we all look at people who have achieved it and assume its an easy walk to the top.

Now I dwell on consistency and persistency because they are 2 key outlooks needed for success. Anytime I’ve been persistent and consistent towards a goal, I’ve had a high likelihood of achieving that goal.

My understanding of how consistency and persistency is stragithforward.

Consistency which is to keep the same level of energy, enthusiasm and effort towards the task ahead. Addition of new strategies to improve our quality of work comes with being consistent.

Persistency is not giving up until you’ve given it your all. This is where it gets head. Renowned Marketing Author Seth Godin is noted in his book “The Dip” about how starting a new project always seems so exciting but the struggle lie with keeping up with the work when it gets hard.

That is where true artistry and success comes from, unrelenting focus to achieve our goals. 2020 is the year to be persistent and to grow in the business whiles growing the Peak Performance and Marketing Podcast (PPMP) by writing and podcasting on the chosen areas of Startups, Marketing and Productivity, Discipline and Focus.

Being persistent and consistent is the message for 2020

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