Why My Goals Failed

January 23, 2020
January 23, 2020 kwaku Abedi

Why My Goals Failed

For many years I was part of the crowd, writing New Years resolutions and looking for big moments where I could take a big initiative and everything will be better. The number of times I’ve failed at achieving my new years resolutions are uncountable. I even wrote a post about it on Medium.

After taking a step back and doing an assessment of my resolutions. I now understand why my goals were failing.

I was doing things because I saw others do it and it worked for them. This emanates from the fact that I thought I could do anything and everything I put my mind to. Yet I wasn’t the least interested in that.

For example when I see others write about things that gave them exposure, I figured if I also write about those things the exposure will come but it never did.

I thought the road to success was a straight path. Meanwhile it’s a journey with so many twist and turns its actually ridiculous.

Then there is the added work that’s needed in order to make it and be successful at these goals. It requires a sharp focus and attention to details that at that time I wasn’t mentally ready for

I didn’t think about these goals long and hard enough. As mentioned earlier, I just wanted to do things that worked for others and didn’t consider carefully if I had any level of interest in the said achievements of others.

 Its crazy how I’ve started blogs, websites, podcasts etc and quit as soon as it got difficult. Anytime I feel discouraged I visit these sites as a reminder to myself of the all the time invested into making something which did not amount to anything and how I’m determined to make it work now.

It mostly had to do with wishful thinking. Wishful thinking is nice because we don’t do any work but we feel the pleasure of what it feels like to achieve the things we dream off.

Things have changed drastically since I tuned my mind to be consistent and persistent. It takes discipline and focus and that’s something I’m willing learn and grow at.

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