The New Rule of 2020 Digital Marketing: Stop Chasing Vanity Metrics

January 21, 2020
January 21, 2020 kwaku Abedi

The New Rule of 2020 Digital Marketing: Stop Chasing Vanity Metrics

Digital and social media has presented an avenue where every entrepreneur is essentially a content creator in their own right.

Often, it appears as entrepreneurs we’re always looking for validation on digital channels and we measure our worth in metrics such as “Likes”, “Comments”, “Reaction” etc. These metrics most of the time does not have any direct correlation with sales.

As entrepreneurs, we have one job. Which is to sell. If our content receive millions of likes, comments, shares, retweets etc and does not lead to sale then of what use is our digital marketing strategy.

Many entrepreneurs get apprehensive and sometimes go on the defensive when these discussions come up but it is a necessary conversation to have.

Your job is to sell. There’s no point in being popular whiles you’re starving.

What to do

What to do is simple, understand that social media and digital channels are controlled by companies who possess algorithms that show visitors what they choose to see when they go on the network.

Its become difficult to get visibility on Social Media News Feeds without buying ads.

Don’t be a slave to the algorithm.

Seek your target audience and serve them.

Do the analysis and once your targeted audiences are seeing your promotional materials, then you’re good. The aim is for your marketing content to reach the audience you seek to serve.

Do not get caught in the vanity metric rabbit hole looking for “Likes”, endorsements, approvals to make you feel good about yourself which has no direct correlation to the business you aim at growing. Once a core audience has been built around your brand, the marketing will accelerate itself

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