Why You Should “Just Do It”

January 16, 2020
January 16, 2020 kwaku Abedi

Why You Should “Just Do It”

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These 3 powerful words inscribed on  Nike products have something important to teach us.

My understanding of “Just Do It” is simple. It basically means  take the Smallest Possible Steps towards your goal. I do this by breaking tasks that appear huge into simple bit-sized exercises.

For example, when I set a goal to write a 1,000-word article. I do not write the 1000 words at a go . The question I ask myself is What is the easiest possible step I can take towards achieving this goal?

I then break this goal down by writing 300 words every 30 minutes till I reach my goal of a 1,000 words.

Having identified the easiest parts of the work, I start work on that immediately. It has taken me a longer time (than necessary) to understand that big successes emanate from achieving and doing small little tasks.

I’m therefore a champion for the theory of getting one percent better. Because knowledge and skill in one percent increments compounds and grows exponentially.

This exercise builds creative muscle and helps you sharpen and define your ideas because the beginner stages of any creative venture will have its moments of doubts and burn outs.

Keep on Track.

Distractions and self-doubts are a natural part of the creative process, yet it used to derail me. In the past, once I’ve been distracted, re-gaining focus back onto the task was like pulling my tooth out. Psyching myself and understanding that distractions are possible helps me in getting back on track has been a helpful process.

Understanding that distractions are a regular part of the creative process has helped me reduce distractions to the barest minimum. The number one distractor in my case was my phone. Therefore anytime I aim to create or write something I simply hide my phone and do not fetch it till I’m done creating whatever it is I’m working on.

Understanding that productivity is a process and allowing myself not to be overwhelmed by my goals has been an important journey I’ve been on these past few months and the marathon continues.

Just do it!!!

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