My Personal New Years (2020) Goal

January 9, 2020
January 9, 2020 kwaku Abedi

My Personal New Years (2020) Goal

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The goal is to create podcast daily.

Make daily podcasts for where I talk about all things startups, marketing, effective living and the regular Productivity Discipline and Focus stuff

I have been getting into cryptocurrency lately and I want to make podcasts for cryptocurrency and its rapid growth but I’m not sure whether that will be part of this podcast or will be a separate podcast.

New episodes shall be released every weekday on the topic areas listed above.

Specific days have been devoted to specific subject areas

Startups (Monday)

Dedicated to all things startup, especially in the field of lifestyle businesses because that’s where my business goals are headed.

On Mondays I’ll be making analysis of how successful lifestyle and online businesses built their brands and how future entrepreneurs can follow this path to sucesss


Marketing      (Tuesday/Wednesday)

I believe marketing is the final lap of the product development journey every entrepreneur goes through to push their products to success. Sometimes average or not so great products are able to make it on the market because they have good marketing.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I’ll look into the marketing world especially in the world of online marketing to investigate what works and how we can channel that into our respective businesses.

PDF lifestyle (Thursday/Friday)

Productivity, discipline and focus are basic attributes every entrepreneur needs to build a successful business.

Productivity because one needs to consistently deliver good results in order to create success.

Discipline because without discipline our goals will be outside the window

Focus because success comes from consistent attention to our work over a long period of time.

The new phase of the podcast will be touching on these key areas with short daily podcast to breathe fresh ideas as you go about your day.

Long Term

In the Long term (ie last quarter of the year), the goal is to bring on guests who are successful entrepreneurs unto the podcast.

Explore new ways of making money using digital channels and creating digital products

Stay tuned for much more good great content in 2020 and be my guest.

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