The Right Social Media Channels for your Business & the “Rule of 2”

December 6, 2019
December 6, 2019 kwaku Abedi

The Right Social Media Channels for your Business & the “Rule of 2”

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Social Media has become an ubiquitous part of daily business and it’s being used to drive strategy. Many growing businesses have made a conscious effort to make social media an integral part of their marketing strategy.

For upcoming entrepreneurs working hard to grow their business, Social media can be a hazy place whether there are many options for them to choose from.

 Messaging platforms such as Whatsapp have become social media platforms in their own right where content is created and distributed.

The growth in channels aside, there’s the cost of content creation which can shoot up quickly especially when an entrepreneur is not adept at design or has no graphic design skills.

There’s been times where I’ve had good ideas for social media posting but because my design skills are limited I could not bring them to life.

This podcast explores the conversation around the various social media channels and how they can be optimized for growth.

On this episode, I discuss the “rule of 2”

By sticking to just two channels we have the leverage to create content to suit targeted audiences. The goal of social media is to increase engagement and brand awareness for the products.

Hence finding the spaces where are targeted audiences are showing up there with quality content is imperative.

The growth of social media presents exciting opportunity for the transformation of business. Opportunities that would have cost much more in years before.

By taking advantage of this tool, we create opportunities for our business to be exposed to a great number of people both home and abroad, who will be able to contribute tremendously to our businesses

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