Content Marketing for your Small Business: The Basic Principles You Need to Know

August 1, 2019
August 1, 2019 kwaku Abedi

Content Marketing for your Small Business: The Basic Principles You Need to Know

The feedback I received from my last article on content marketing ROI has been awesome.

Read the article if you haven’t.

 It appears many small business owners have a basic understanding of Content Marketing and its potential impact on revenue but don’t have an idea of how to implement or rationalize it to make it work for their businesses

Here are the basic principles you need to know and understand

Make an Assessment of the Brand Persona

What does your brand stand for? Is it serious, playful, fun loving, action-oriented, creative, demure etc.? Doing an assessment of the brand you’re looking to build will inform the type of content to create.

Who inspires the brand?

If your brand was human who would it be?

For many years I’ve come to admire people who write in a conversational style and that has influenced my writing to a large extent.  

Writing that is playful yet serious and cuts to the chase with no long talk is the mantra for all my written articles.

I’ve been inspired by the writing style of Penelope Trunk, Joan Westenberg and Vladi Vasilev. These writers have a few things in common.

Their writing style is punchy

It is straight to the point

And they are not afraid to use expletives where there’s a need for it.

I channel that writing style into all my writing. 

 Likewise, you model your small business brand on a persona.

Use Free Tools

A mistake small business owners make is to quickly invest in a type of a software or internet product tool as part of preparation to create killer content marketing.

Some of these expenses most of the time includes expenses on

Photo editing software

Video editing software

Film making software

Hi-Tech camera gear etc.

 Although an initial investment into custom software seems like a great idea, you’re better off holding on unto your funds for now.

Create with free versions of Filmora, Adobe, Canva etc.

If the software that you can’t do without has a free trial, use the free trial as long as possible to have an appreciable understanding of the software and how it works before committing money to it.

Overthinking Stifles Content Marketing Creativity

Overthinking is like a cancer, which fills you with doubts, fear and unnecessary anxiety as it paralyzes you and slowly eats your content marketing ideas into oblivion.

In the past, I overthought every situation, conversation and scenario and played it back in my mind countless times. Always wishing there was a better way I could have done something.

Overthinking leads to waiting for the perfect opportunity to initiate your content marketing project, yet the perfect time or opportunity to bring your ideas to action never arrives.  

That shouldn’t be the case for your content approach, the goal here is to not overwhelm yourself.

Do a Deep Dive  

As a follow up to escaping overthinking and perfectionism  is that you don’t over whelm yourself one thing to do is not to overwhelm yourself.

 There are several forms of content to create. Ranging from videos, infographics, images, articles, white papers etc. It is not necessary to create content with all these mediums.

Select two and do a deep dive of how you can create content with that medium. Play to your strengths and choose a medium that you’re comfortable spending a considerable amount of time on.

This approach should also be used in your approach to social media as well. Select two (maximum 3) social media sites where you’ll be distributing your content.

Doing a deep dive and building expertise around a particular content has a peculiar advantage which outweighs trying your hands on all forms of content.

We’re in the golden age of content, social media companies has created the ecosystem in such a way that people are constantly looking for killer content to consume. Stand out by practicing these tips

It Takes Time

Know that it takes time, don’t be heartbroken if your content marketing idea is not a hit from the start. It takes time to get good and like any skill constant practice will make you exceptional.

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