Why Digital Strategies Matter

March 12, 2019
March 12, 2019 kwaku Abedi

Why Digital Strategies Matter

Businesses, whether large or small in recent times have come appreciate the importance of “going digital” in their respective businesses.

Ever since the growth of the internet, smartphones, apps, social media and various forms of consumer technology, understanding the online consumer and their motivation for purchase is key for the survival of businesses.

 Regardless of type of business (whether brick & mortar or online) there is a need to exist in the digital sphere.

The burgeoning growth of digital space has led to the birth of many online solutions and internet products. From websites, Apps, Websites, Customer Tracking, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Search Engine Optimization Tools and Customer Satisfaction Tools etc.

Entrepreneurs see a lot of innovations happening in the digital space and they want to be a part of the digital conversation. Because going digital does wonders for product revenues.

Businesses Need a Digital Strategy

Although the Marketing and PR aspects of digital strategies are well known and continues to be refined, there’s the need for digital innovations in the other operational aspects of businesses. From my experience talking to entrepreneurs, they appreciate the need for a digital strategy but have no idea how to tackle it.

Marketing shouldn’t be the end point of digital innovations. It should be the beginning, which then leads to further explorations in the digital space such as predictive consumer analytics, robust business processes, cutting wastage etc.  Its important that brands see digital as part of the business process and align it with revenue expectations.

As cliché as it may sound, digital is here to stay and has created new jobs whiles making other jobs obsolete. Advanced Technology is helping us predict clients’ needs before they envisage it.

Businesses are doing their best to make sense of digital strategies by asking the pertinent questions like where digital fits in the business process, the role it plays and as digital enthusiast this excites me. It tells me it is a burgeoning field that needs definition, knowledge and research and I plan to contribute as much as I can.  

Be on the look out for articles, interviews, podcasts, videos etc on Digital Strategies and you can contribute by sending your opinions my way.S

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