6 Free Online Learning Resources for 2019

January 15, 2019
January 15, 2019 kwaku Abedi

6 Free Online Learning Resources for 2019

In the year 2019, we’re bossing up and sharpening our professional skills.

If like me, one of your personal resolutions is to educate yourself and sharpen your skills, then you’re in good company

There are several online platforms that provide quality education and training.

Below are a few of the online resources I use.

Google Primer

Primer is a free mobile App created by Google to teach users about building and running a business. The Primer App focuses on business building and entrepreneurship hence the courses are directed towards that.

Primer App teaches users various business disciplines such as Marketing, Business Plans, Business strategy, Customer Relationship management, etc.

The App is available for download both on android and the iOS store for free.


Udemy houses some of the most diverse courses on any online education platform I’ve experienced. Courses ranges from Business, Personal Development, Marketing, Technology, Forex Trading amongst others.

 Udemy’s approach is a platform-based model where experts can create their own courses and sell it on the platform. The very good courses get voted to the top based on number of students enrolled and positive reviews the course receives. The highly-ranked courses are not free although there are good free courses as well.

The Udemy app is also available on iOS and Android.


Udacity is another cool learning platform and resource for online education. A unique aspect of Udacity is their nano degree programmes which is awarded after taking all the lessons and submitting the necessary projects and assignments. Udacity has a combination of paid and free courses

The course outline for Udacity, its more detailed and similar to a University course outline.

Udacity has an impressive and clutter-free user experience which is quite appealing.  Courses are taught by vetted and acclaimed professionals.

Udacity can also be accessed on Android and iOS.


Allison online learning platform is one of the first sites I visit when I want basic knowledge about a particular discipline.

They have a wide range of courses that can be studied at your own pace. Information on the curators and designers of the courses on the platform is pretty sparse. It is a great starting point if you would like basic knowledge about a particular field.

After that you can move to other resources (free or paid) to gain some specialized and understanding.

The Alison mobile up can only be found on the Google Play Store


Coursera is a university online.

The courses taught on the Coursera platform online are actual university courses published by some of the best universities on the globe. Enrolling unto courses on the platform and passing them give university credit that can be redeemed when you decide to physically enroll in the school.

Most courses on Coursera are not free although there are a bunch of free courses that can be taken advantage off. Financial aid can also be requested for most courses

Their mobile App can be found on Google Play Store and iOS  


Although YouTube is more of an entertainment site, it has served as a great resource for me over the years. Anytime I want to figure out how to do something really quickly, there is a 90% chance someone has created a YouTube video for it. Whether it is how to create a thumbnail on videos or how to format rich text in MailChimp text editor there is a high probability a video resource has been created to help you.

Anytime you want a quick solution to a nagging skills challenge, refer to YouTube first.

Youtube is also on iOS and Google Play Store

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