3 secrets Instagram Influencers won’t tell you

January 11, 2019
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January 11, 2019 kwaku Abedi

3 secrets Instagram Influencers won’t tell you

Social media has made us believe we can reach extreme heights of financial success and social approval without doing any hard work.

Especially social media networks that have highly personalized visual appeal like Facebook and Instagram. Instagram particularly has become a major hub for displaying signs of living the good life. Most Instagram users post on the platform with this type of mindset. Whether for better or worse this form of content creation is leading to the rise of a select group of people who’re best at portraying this type of lifestyle.

They’re called Influencers. Visit the Instagram page of an influencer and you will see their perfect bodies, perfect homes, perfect family, exotic vacation photos, luxury cars, gourmet food etc. From the outside looking into their perfectly curated lifestyles online, you’ll think nothing ever go wrong in their lives.

Due to the importance of letting us know they’re living their real lives, the hashtag #nofilter is always at hand ready to be deployed on their post.

The seeming care-free and accessibility of the influencer lifestyle make us believe we can attain that lifestyle as well. Who wouldn’t love to explore the beautiful beach sands of Bali, drink fancy Pina Colada and drive a bimmer all day.

Designer clothes aren’t cheap so is travelling and staying at fancy hotels so we spend our time figuring how Influencers afford their lifestyles without burning a hole in their pockets.

Influencers have a source of funds

Take a look at your favorite influencers, how are they funding the lifestyle that they have?

Doing all the things your average influencers post online cost money. It cost money to live in fancy hotels, meet celebrities, go to the best night clubs etc. Given that most influencers are young millennials it begs the question of how they’re able to finance this lifestyle?

Clearly, there is a source of funding available to the influencer. Be it from family, spouses, Trust Funds or investments. Because gaining the following that warrants being called an influencer requires some significant initial investment in content creation.  

I read an article online of a photographer who creates stock images of perfectly plated food and sell them to influencers. If you do not have the funds, how will you be able to purchase these images to feed your Instagram.  

Being Recognized as an Influencer Takes Time  

There is a notion out there that to be an influencer means, you create an account, post cool photos and wait for success. This approach will be our ticket to fame and brand endorsements we dearly love and desperately seek will come to us. We then become frustrated when we do these things and nothing happens.

Hard truth is, if we’re not coming from an entertainment background where we’re already known to mass audiences the transition to being recognized as an Influencer will be slow and hard because nobody knows who we are.

Yet established influencers are always at hand to sell us one product or the other for a quick fix to become like them. What they don’t tell us is that it takes time to curate a feed, plan content, produce the content before publicizing which is basically a full-time job, bearing in mind that it requires consistency over a log period of time for this to be achieved.

Influencers use professional gear  

Influencers make it looks easy. Posing pretty at interesting vacation venues with perfect editing, lighting, color-correction etc on their images. Try recreating these images with a regular phone and it would not come out as nicely as that of an influencer.

 Influencers use professional gear or have professionals who work on their photos for them. Key reason behind professional gear is that photos of influencers have to stand out from the rest of us. The aim is to portray good, quality images and video content within their niche and any lackluster photo won’t cut it.  They invest quite a considerable amount into professional gear to have their photos coming out the way they do.

Living the Influencer lifestyle is definitely attainable but not easy, it requires finding a niche, consistent content creation and producing good content for your followers. Expecting immediate success can lead to disappointment but consistency wins.

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