A Million Excuses? Combining a Day Job with a Side Hustle

November 21, 2018
November 21, 2018 kwaku Abedi

A Million Excuses? Combining a Day Job with a Side Hustle

I miss you!!

Yes!! You!!

How are you keeping on?

We’re gradually inching to the end of 2018. How has it been for you so far?

Mine has been topsy turvy, full of highs and lows. The “low” moments have really been low and the high moments have been high.

I appreciate all the support you give me and I thank you for consistently keeping faith with me and my website. This journey would not have been possible without you and I’m grateful for that.

Sometimes work gets in the way of our dreams which does not allow us to fully pursue what we want to do. The truth is, we all want freedom to pursue the creative things (what I affectionately call our side hustle) that brings us happiness and a sense of peace. Yet we need jobs to sustain us whiles we pursue our creative dreams and visions.

This has been my biggest challenge of the past 3 years. Finding that balance of keeping my job and doing it to the best of my abilities whiles I pursue the things I’m truly passionate about. Sometimes the regular grind takes over the creative which does not help in achieving the goal.

Because I’m at my happiest, when I’m creating, stringing thoughts together, recording videos and writing the manuscript for my second book.

To help me focus, on doing a good job of combining my creative works with the regular stuff I’m beginning to appreciate a few interventions I can do to help me reach my goal.


Finding the Balance

What I have resorted to doing is finding the energy and the balance to do creative works when I have the energy for it. Stockpiling the creative process and not striving for perfection. During the high moments, I make sure I put in the work in order to have a bank of articles, videos and scripts I can upload during the low moments where the regular grind has taken over. Putting my thoughts down everyday and finding a way to contribute to the creative work I strive to do has been of immense benefit.


Talking to People

A problem shared is a problem solved, likewise a creative problem shared with people who genuinely support you births new ideas and fresh perspectives that is unparalleled. It takes a special kind of courage to come out of your shell and let people know you’re struggling but once that is done you will be amazed at the help people are willing to give you. New ideas pop up, new perspectives are discussed and new arrangements are made for the future. Talking to people who support me has helped me figure out my blind-spots and my pitfalls. I’m grateful for those people.


Its not all about you

For most of us trying to create, trying to make a difference, we take things way too personal and make everything all about us, without considering the end user and the people we seek to serve. I am particularly guilty of this especially when I write based on how I feel and my emotional state at any point in times. Doing creative work based on feelings does not bring me the consistence in output that I seek.

So I have taken a step back, accessed myself to understand that doing consistent work means putting emotions aside and doing the work when it needs to be done.

We need to take a step back and consider why we seek to do the work we do, why we take the decisions we take and why choose to starve that inner voice within us because we aim for perfect time to do something. Sometimes we need to detach ourselves from the work we do and critically access it from the perspective of an outsider.

When we decide to detach ourselves from the work, we get new perspectives, understand the process and become empathetic to our end user.

I have not found the perfect antidote to this debacle of combining the side hustle with the daily grind, but anytime i feel frustrated, I remind myself of these tips.

Do you have any tips to share?

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