If You’re Addicted to Social Media, It Is Not Your Fault

October 30, 2018
October 30, 2018 kwaku Abedi

If You’re Addicted to Social Media, It Is Not Your Fault

I recorded this video as a result of a comment a delegate made at a conference I attended. His concern was on how young people were getting hooked to Social Media and spending countless hours on the platform without receiving much benefits from it.

My response to the delegates comments was that, although people could be blamed for their addiction to social media, there was also the other hand of social media companies being good at exploiting our social vulnerabilities and taking advantage of them.

We all have

a desire to be liked

a desire to benefit from social inclusion

and a

fear of missing out amongst others

Therefore in our quest to be connected and be ‘social’ we should mind the fact that we’re aiding a grand agenda by social media companies to be better at knowing our  social weaknesses and exploiting them. Giving them the power to have more and more data on our habits, dislikes and impulses.

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