Using Ego Depletion and Loss of Willpower to Your Advantage

September 30, 2018
September 30, 2018 kwaku Abedi

Using Ego Depletion and Loss of Willpower to Your Advantage

We all go to bed full of energy and hopes for the next day (if you don’t have this experience) please visit your counsellor and have her access what is wrong with you. You might be depressed.

The hope that things will be better is primarily the reason why we wake up each and every day. Otherwise a lot more people would have committed suicide.

But for some strange reason when we wake up, it appears we forget the hopes and dreams we had the night prior so we fall into our old patterns and postpone our day of success and full work to the next day.

Big Plans & Stage Fright

We fall into old habits because we’re frightened by our highfaluting and grandiose plans.

  • We’re going to be rich like bill gates
  • Be popular like Rihanna
  • Or be rich as Oprah

Not commitment

No timeline


When you have dreams like these, nobody puts pressure on you to achieve them. They’re things we wish for ourselves. Considering the gargantuan nature of this dream, it’s ok to postpone to the next day, and the next till it never gets done.

We love to push things further and further till the deadline is literally over our head and then we say to ourselves

“When tomorrow comes, I’ll lock myself Indoors for 10 hours and do everything”

 This is clear BS because I can guarantee 99.99% that will never happen. That “tomorrow” never comes

That is why it is important to start with the smallest possible action, willpower is built over time.


The one Thing

I’ve mentioned severally the importance of keeping a to-do list, one question that is equally as important as keeping a to-do list is doing that “One Thing”

You can identify what that one thing is by asking yourself

“What is that one thing I can do today that will take me towards my goals”

My one thing varies from day to day

Examples of my “one thing” can be

  • Writing a post
  • Designing a new product line etc etc.
  • Creating a new course

Anything that requires deep creative thinking

I’m a firm believer that willpower is the sharpest right after a night’s rest or a nap. schedule your work that requires the deep thinking and mental fortitude to the time you wake up or after you’ve taken a nap.

Your brain will be much sharper and will reward you with new ideas.

Don’t fucking turn on social media

Don’t use will power time to go for meetings

Don’t use will power time to do mundane paperwork a programmed robot can do

Block Out 2 Hours A Day as Willpower Time

Have a time of the day called your “Willpower Time” this time can be 2 – 3 hours (preferably right after you wake up)

2 Hours a Day, that’s all it takes. The remaining 21 hours can be used to mess around on social media, do your day job or whatever you do for money, sleep, party etc.

If you want to write a novel, slot 2 hours a day to write 500 words. In a month you have roughly 15,000 words. In a year you have 180,000 words. Therefore, consistent exercise of willpower 2 hours a day spent on something creative will yield great results in a year.

The more you work your craft and practice deliberately, the more likelier you are to become extremely skilled at what you do. The higher your level of skill at a particular craft, the more people are willing to pay you.

Whatever you do: do not sacrifice will power time. Don’t throw it under a bus.

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