Top 3 Strategies for Building a Digital Brand in 2018

September 30, 2018
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September 30, 2018 kwaku Abedi

Top 3 Strategies for Building a Digital Brand in 2018

The internet and social media has made it less daunting to build a personal brand.

Many years ago, building a brand meant having a logo, running national advertising campaigns on billboards and on print and electronic media. Having BTL & ATL marketing strategies etc. The internet and social media has eased the burden a bit. Marketers can reach a global audience on the internet at a fraction of the cost of running a national campaign.  A brand can be built on social media using strategies such as social perception and influence.

A company that has charted a path in creating a worthy and hip brand on social media is Fashion Nova. Fashion Nova is a fashion company that specializes in urban clothing predominantly for women. Fashion Nova as a brand has been existent for the past 10 years. But the brand name spread due to some innovative social media promotional effort they did.

What Fashion Nova did was to tap into the power of influencers on social media and give them free clothes in exchange for online promotions. Influencers promote the Fashion Nova brand on their various social media pages which then drives massive sale of the brand.

Daniel Wellington is a watch brand anyone who has an active Instagram account must have heard off. For a watch brand that is less than 10 years old, it has performed extremely well in terms of brand recognition and influence. This watch brand also tapped into social media and the power of social media influencers to build their watch brand. For a relatively young watch brand, it blows other brands such as Longines, Audermars, Hublot and Piaget off the chart in terms of social media recognition.

These 2 successful companies and many more that are wining the digital brand game give us a clue about how to build a powerful online brand.


The Visuals

Visuals are the most important aspect of personal brand building. There are so many research findings out there that states people love to engage with brands that have visual appeal. I can 100% attest to this fact. On social media, people engage better with my content that have images accompanying them. The fancier or intriguing the image, the more engagement the content receives. Clearly thought out and well designed images be it a logo, a photo or infographic has a high propensity to do well on social media.

In building a solid digital brand, it is imperative to for all your visual content to have universal appeal.  Use images that has a direct link with the industry you’re trying to build the personal brand in. If you’re building a digital brand for a music artist, sharing images a studio, creating beats, images of artist with other musicians etc automatically creates a link between the brand and its targeted audience.

Perception is Key

Therefore, it important to present a positive perception rather than present a wrong perception and spend years to undo the wrong perception.



The Content

Good quality content is a requisite for building a digital brand. Being a thought leader within a sector or industry and to attract the best possible audiences and prospects requires putting out great content.

Content for a digital brand must be well researched, factual, impactful and engaging. Writing articles, writing  blog posts, videos,  contributing facts and encouraging debate within your choses brand space puts you at the fore front. For example, an interest in digital marketing and branding means you can quickly start putting out content on the state of digital marketing, what can be done to improve it etc.


The Community

Having a connection with other thought leaders is imperative for digital brand growth. This affords you the opportunity to grow and be recognized on the market and your opinion to be valued. This tip is particularly critical when you get an endorsement from an equally respected person within the community.

Sharing news, updates etc on the music industry continuously will gradually etch your brand name in the minds of your target audiences.


All the above stated things to do may seem daunting but are necessary requirements to build a formidable digital brand. You have to pick at the very least two of these strategies and start implementing them. It might not be perfect from the beginning but as you continue to do fine tune them, they gradually become easier and a coherent part of your brand promise.

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