Four Reasons Why You Need That Social Media Break Today

September 30, 2018
September 30, 2018 kwaku Abedi

Four Reasons Why You Need That Social Media Break Today

Social media has proven to be an epic platform for people to connect and share ideas. It has created avenues for wonderful relationships that have led to life-long partnerships and job opportunities. The popular ones amongst the social media channels being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, ETC.

I’ve gotten opportunities to write for magazines and blogs due to my postings on Social Media, I am a passionate fan of travel, business and lifestyle related content hence Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, is my “go-to” place for those type of stories until I noticed I spent so many minutes watching people post about their lives.

It came to a point I was just obsessed with the life of others especially celebrities at the risk of living my own life. Whiles my social media usage went through the roof, I tried to be productive at work and my job was doing ok.  Just that I was losing a lot of sleep just looking at peoples posting.  If  had properly engaged with other users, that would have been a better story but in this case. I was literally gawking sometimes green with envy of how celebs can have this amazing life whiles the rest of us had to work all day before we could make a living.

My time spent on social media also took away productive time I could use to do things that I actually liked, which is writing, researching and reading around marketing and peak performance. That is when I knew something had to change.

Rule 1

I decided not to go on social media unless I have written a 1000 words. The 1000 words will be the work I put in and then social media becomes the reward.

Rule Number 2

I would spend only 30 mins “gawking” at stuff and then visit the pages I like and actually comment and engage.


Does WhatsApp & YouTube Count as Social Media

Am I really wasting my time if I watch educational videos on YouTube?

I used to ask myself this question all the time. Here I am watching this wonderful ted-talk by Cal Newport on Youtube on “WHY I DON’T NEED SOCIAL MEDIA” on social media. How exactly is this wasting my time again?


Truth is, during those moments of YouTube Watching escapades which takes hours I was not engaging with the content. I bet I actually engaged better when watching BuzzFeed’s WorthIT than the so-called educational videos because when I watch WorthIT I salivate, which is a form of engagement.




WhatsApp is a Messaging Platform and not really Social Media Right?

This bugs me to death literally, someway somehow I tricked my brain into thinking that WhatsApp and the incessant viewing of peoples statuses is not social media therefore I used it without feeling guilty. NewsFlash it totally is. Why do you think Facebook owns it?


Has Social Media Taken Over Your Life Like It Did to Mine

  • Admit That Ego Depletion is Real

Apparently, we all have a finite set of will power everyday, and the more we exercise that will power the weaker it becomes. That is why we’re able to consciously function and make good decisions right after our rest and make not-so-good decisions as the day wears on. It is therefore imperative that will power is exercised rightly. Willpower can be exercised rightly by

  1. Performing your most intellectually stimulating tasks after a good night rest
  2. Setting certain decisions to autopilot for example not thinking too much about whether you want brown bread or white bread for breakfast, laying out clothes so that you do not spare a second of active willpower on deciding what to wear

For every minute that is spent on social media, it required some level of conscious decision to visit the site, this decision could have been better channeled into working on your project or doing something more productive.

  • Multi-Tasking Is Not Productive

Facebook is on full-blast, you’re working on your end-of-year report and you have a bowl of ice cream in front of you. What could really go wrong. What is happening here is Multi-Tasking, although on face value it seems totally fine, what multi-tasking does is that it does not allow you to do the deep work that is required to prepare a brilliant report.

I will bet you 100% that the report will be half-assed and will not be anything exceptional.


  • Social Media Not Good for Mental Health

There have been several research reports that show that Social Media messes with the mental health of some users and I totally believe that. Social media allows us to put our best foot forward literally and figuratively.

The lives of the people we see of people on social media are exaggerated versions of themselves and not their real lives. Yet people compare their lives to the ones they see on social media making them inadequate and worthless. This ultimately leads to depression and anxiety which is becoming prevalent amongst young people.


  • To be Good at What you Do You Have to Know the Role Social Media Play in Your Life

Mastery and great skill at whatever we have dedicated our lives to do is the desire of many people. Yet we’re not able to get to that level of mastery and skill due to distractions and the allure of social media.

Dopamine the hormone in the human brain responsible for rewards are also ever present on social media, when we post photos of ourselves on social media and we receive likes we equate that to performing an equally fulfilling task for which we’ve been rewarded. Therefore if we want to feel good about ourselves, all we have to do is to refer to our Facebook photos that has the most likes then we can feel better about ourselves again. By recognizing the effects of these psychological effects on us users, we can better came social media technology instead of the other way round.


Social media has proven to be a wonderful tool, the onus in now on us to use it wisely for maximum benefit.

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