Content Marketing Is Relevant 2: Planning, Budgeting, Consistency

September 30, 2018
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September 30, 2018 kwaku Abedi

Content Marketing Is Relevant 2: Planning, Budgeting, Consistency

The previous article discussed the benefits of having a content marketing strategy for a business, corporate organization and in building a personal brand.

As noted in the previous article, there are many benefits of content marketing, but

How do we go about it?

Where do we start from in our content marketing initiatives? Etc etc.


Planning is Key

Failure to plan, is basically planning to fail therefore to develop a powerful Content Marketing Proposition for our brands, we need to plan critically. The plan for a content marketing strategy will be involved by the following variables.

  1. What business are we into and the type of client structure, ie whether it is a B2B company or B2C company.
  2. Our stated budget for content marketing initiatives


What type of business are you into?

This question is critical because, objectively analyzing the business will give you a headway into the type of content you must invest in. Meaning the type of goods and services your brand provides and the client structure (B2B, B2C).

Possessing a pure knowledge of the business will guide you into crafting a buyer persona that Is realistic. It will also help in selecting which type of Content Marketing vehicle will be appropriate for your persona. There are many ‘vehicles’ through which content marketing is served to targeted audiences. This can be in the form of videos, images, infographics, whitepaper etc.


For brands that are visual and requires seeing to understand it’s unique selling proposition, content marketing initiatives must heavily revolve around visual content for targeted personas to see the need.

Example, you run a fashion brand that sells directly customers. For such a business, creating a white paper that enumerates the technical capacities of the clothes and detailed information about source of material, comparing the prices with other brands will not be of much help to the persona.

Yet a video of a “Style Influencer” gushing over your clothes and why she loves them will be more helpful from a content marketing perspective.  Likewise, videos on how to properly take care of the clothes will be of much help.

On the other hand, selling a complicated piece of software with images of people using the software is not enough as a content marketing initiative.

For a B2B scenario in this case, your best bet is writing a detailed whitepaper on how the software improves businesses, enumerate cost savings and competitor analysis as against how your software stacks against other competing software. Real actionable steps and data and how their business is making improvements in turnaround time and progress is important for content marketing purposes.

In that regard, I group content marketing efforts into 2 forms visual given the type of product or service at play. There is the visual product and demonstrative product.

Visual products must be seen, to be appreciated whiles demonstrative products require in-depth explanation and analysis to be appreciated.

Product Type Content Marketing Vehicle
Visual Products Video




Demonstrative Products Video


White Paper





What is the budget for business, how much are you willing to spend on content marketing

Dedicating funds to building a content marketing program is a challenge for some companies, how much of the entire marketing budget must go into content marketing they ask?

Given the importance and potential profit return of content marketing, it is imperative for all marketing spends to have some level of content marketing as an end goal.

As mentioned in my previous post. Content marketing can be a hit or miss so as marketers we must be dead sure the funds dedicated to content marketing will fetch a return that is worthy of the funds being dedicated to the venture.

For now it has to be noted that given the cost associated in producing content for content marketing purposes


Consistency is needed for growth and development 

The consistency and commitment of your brand towards content marketing has to be solid. This must be included in the plan. Because content marketing initiatives does not have to be a one-off thing that is done never repeated.

Consistency is key because when audiences can expect some level of content marketing, it should be used as a tool to continually keep you in the mind of the prospect.

When the brand is always in the mind of the prospect, they will most likely make the choice of your brand when the time comes to purchase. Persona’s can easily influence people to buy your brand which is a very effective form of marketing.

Content marketing is detailed but working assiduously at it will be rewarding, seek out best practices from established brands in this journey to make the process worthwhile.

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