How to be a Social Media Influencer

September 24, 2018
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September 24, 2018 kwaku Abedi

How to be a Social Media Influencer

Log unto Instagram or Facebook. You will most likely see some of the public figures you follow promoting products such as detox tea, vitamins, jeans, eyewear, music, waist trainers etc.

These public figures are selling you on these products because they are viewed as “influencers”. There is a chance that you will purchase some of the products they are promoting. The social media influencer is someone who leverages a social media platform to create content for that platform and share with audiences.

The content influencers create are usually in a particular field and they court a certain type of audience within a certain demographic. Bloggers who got popular during the golden age of blogging also transferred their blogging prowess into social media content creation which made them influencers.

In recent times, the term “influencer” is not reserved for content creators alone. Actors, artists, athletes etc. are seen as influencers in their own right because they have a following. The sector of industry that has the most influencers are fashion and beauty, lifestyle related stuff, travelling, cooking, dieting, sports, luxury etc.

Being an influencer is an important role in a digital spere where people look to social media and online content for updates on the latest trends in whatever industry the influencer is found in. People look to social media for #goals and inspiration. Influencers also have their perks.  

Well Paying

Attaining influencer status comes with offers for advertisement and promotions to your followers from companies and brands. This can be a highly profitable source of revenue for influencers.

The bigger your audience, the higher brands are willing to pay to be associated with you. It has been reported that influencers with millions of followers can charge up to a $100,000.00 to post an image on Instagram or tweet about a brand.

For influencers this can be a source of recurring income. Some influencers are not paid in cash but are given products in exchange for promotion.

Example, some influencers receive complimentary hotel stays in luxury hotels and resorts so they can promote the hotel. Others get beauty products, sports goods, fashion etc in exchange for promotion. Companies like Fashion Nova and Daniel Wellington have made a killing from this tactic.  

Voice of a Demographic.

Another important benefit of being an influencer is the opportunity to lead a certain demographic and impact their choices in terms of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and sports preferences.

What this does for influencers is that their opinions in the areas within which they “influence” can make or break a brand. It could be recalled that media  report on Kylie Jenner’s tweet about not using snapchat wiped off some market value off the app.

This means as an influencer when you initiate a conversation your followers listen.   A Platform to Launch your brand. Some influencers eventually launch their own brands.

Be it book, clothing, jewelry etc, being an influencer gives you a set market to work with. Italian fashion blogger Mariano Di Vaio launched his fashion brand, the advantage for him is that he already has an Instagram audience of 6.2 million he can sell to.  

How do I Become an Influencer?  

Pick a segment where you would like to be recognized as an influencer What piques your interest? Is it business, sports, fashion, lifestyle, healthcare etc. Whatever piques your interest, write it down. It doesn’t have to be just a single industry. State a list of things you are interested in.  

Pick a dominant social media platform(s) (Instagram, twitter, Facebook) Now pick one or two social media channels you can broadcast your content. There are so many great social media avenues to choose from. Select one or two social media channels. Understand the terms of engagement and find out what people care about. Choosing to broadcast content on all social media platforms can be challenging and overwhelming.

So, master one or two. For example, if your content has visual appeal like images, infographics, paintings etc, then Facebook and Instagram are good places to start. Sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest are great but can be a bit challenging for a beginner.

The general idea here is not to overwhelm yourself   Create content on these platforms Can you write articles, create infographics, create images, videos, podcast etc for your chosen field or craft? If yes! Then you’re good to go. Start by creating helpful articles, share important resources. Make people laugh, cry, understand or whatever emotion you desire to get out of your audience.      

Connect with other influencers

It is important to link up with other influencers in your chosen endeavor and build a certain level of rapport with them. This relationship comes in handy as it gives you other people to bounce ideas off and sharing the struggles together.

Having a community shows you’re not in this alone and there are other people to lean on. When other popular influencers share your work with their followers, you become better known and increase your popularity within the industry. If another influencer tags you on their post, her followers might check out your page. Exposing you to  a new set of audiences.  

Contact brands and Inquire how you can work together.  

Eventually you would like to work with brands. Reach out to them and let them know your interest. Ask questions about the industry and ask them the type of content they want to see. Ask them about the types of influencers they sponsor and curate your post to appeal to their taste.  

Help reporters

Being cited by journalists in a popular publication, magazine or TV report as an expert on a particular topic really helps in building your reputation as an influencer. You can do this by forming alliances with journalist, sending them some of your articles and updating them on happenings in the industry.

All this makes their work easier which makes you a good resource in helping them achieve their goals. You some free press and goodwill will be cited as an expert in your field. Brands who see your name in the press will be open to associate with you.  

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